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Autism Handbook

Reframe how parents view Autism by presenting information in a Neurodiversity positive and less scary way with this Autism Handbook. 

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Are you SO TIRED of seeing Autism talked about in ONLY negative or stereotypical terms?

A quick google search of the word “Autism” and words like “red flags,” “significantly impacts abilities,” “anti-social,” “non-verbal,” “pandemic,” or worse, “try this magic diet to reverse Autism and get your child back.” Autism is so misunderstood and has been talked about and perceived as “bad” and “wrong” for so long, that of course there’s a stigma surrounding Autism and it’s no wonder parents are terrified of their child getting a diagnosis. BUT WE CAN CHANGE THAT! We can talk about the positives in Autism and help parents not only accept but eventually celebrate these differences, and the Autism Handbook can help you achieve this goal!

Do you ever wish you had more time in your busy schedule to support parents navigating a possible Autism evaluation or diagnosis?

In an ideal world, we could spend hours with parents sharing EVERYTHING we know about Autism in a way that can validate their feelings while also alleviating fears about a possible diagnosis and unknown future. But we live in a world with ever-growing caseloads and just not enough hours in the day to be able to consult with parents in the supportive way that they truly deserve. The Autism Handbook covers a variety of topics that can help educate parents about Autism and answers frequently asked questions in a parent-friendly, validating, and Neurodiversity affirming way!

Most Therapists and Professionals...

*Feel anxious about bringing up the “A word” and worry about how parents will respond.


*Feel under-equipped to have in-depth discussions and answer parent questions about Autism, especially in a Neurodiversity positive manner.


*Wish they could support and empower parents to make decisions in their child’s best interest.


*Feel exhausted just thinking about consulting with parents AND keeping up with therapy minutes, documentation, assessment, and report writing. Parent support and counseling is a HUGE part of our profession, yet it often ends up feeling like just one more thing to do on an ever-growing to-do list.

As a school-based

Speech-Language Pathologist,


I have helped thousands of clinicians and parents reframe the way they think about Autism to see that all people have value regardless of their diagnosis.


I have condensed all of my knowledge from years of experience, expertise, trainings, and research into these handouts in parent-friendly, easy-to-read language, so you can help families too!

Are You Ready To....

>>> Share Autism-Positive information with parents  

>>> End the stigma against Autism

>>> Save time answering parent questions or organizing information from multiple sources

>>> Empower parents by helping them become wiser, more equipped to advocate for their children and be more at peace with accepting an Autism Diagnosis

What are Professionals Saying about the Autism Handbook?

This is wonderful! I’m autistic and a speech-language pathologist, and I know how it feels when a negative reaction is followed by the word “autism”. I’ve been seeking a neurodiversity-affirming resource to help me guide caregivers in the process of understanding what autism is and is not. This handbook is valuable beyond measure to me professionally and personally. I am grateful to Andi and the Autistic individuals involved in the creation of this handbook. Thank you!

- Jamie B, Speech Language Pathologist, Speech Baby LLC​

Thank you so much for this resource! It is so clear how much time and intention you dedicated to each page. I can really see how this will help me streamline my conversations AND help caregivers absorb this information. I also love all of the pro-neurodiversity ideas you’ve embedded in each topic. I think it will really help caregivers understand that although the diagnostic process can be very deficit-based, therapy can (and should be) strengths-based.

- Jill W, Speech-Language Pathologist

This is such an awesome, comprehensive resource! A possible diagnosis can be very overwhelming to families, but you managed to share valuable information in a way that respects neurodiversity as well as the emotions a parent might be going through. Thank you!

- Kate B, Speech-Language Pathologist

What are Parents Saying?

The Autism Handbook is truly incredible, I feel it needs to be at Barnes and Noble! I read the entire thing the first day I got it, and I cried. This handbook was just so imperative for my mental health yesterday. We are in the middle of an Autism assessment for my child, and although some clouds are still present, I can finally see the sun. I feel hopeful. I know that this diagnosis is not the end of the world. The Autism Handbook is not only a tool to help our children, but also helps to find positivity in the uncertainty of the future. Our goal isn’t to change our child but to advocate. I can’t stress enough how much I truly appreciate the positively centering Autism. Thank you Andi!

- Ashley F, parent


Thank you so much for creating such a helpful, positive, and un-intimidating handbook about autism! My daughter is 3 years old and recently diagnosed with autism, and this guide has helped me understand this diagnosis for the first time in a way that is not scary! You have helped our family, myself especially, reframe our thoughts and language surrounding autism, which will help us be better advocates for my daughter. Thank you!!

- Jessica R, parent​

The Autism Handbook is fantastic!!! I feel so much more at ease and feel able to advocate for my son. Thank you for ALL that you do!!!

- Danielle T, parent 


Amazing job on the Autism Handbook, this is incredibly validating. Especially as I have put off seeking an evaluation for months for my 2.75 year old due to… fear of what we might find out. Thanks so much!

- Beth S, parent

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