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Autism Handbook for KIDS

Support Autistic kids as they learn about Autism and their own brain in a positive and inclusive manner. The amount of Autistic adults who report they felt ashamed, lonely, misunderstood, unaccepted, unworthy, and broken as a child is astounding.
WE CAN CHANGE THIS! You can change this, and The Autism Handbook for Kids is a great place to start.


Did you know research has found that knowing about one’s own disability has many benefits?

Children who are aware they are Autistic were reported to have improved self-advocacy skills, and increased self-awareness of both their strengths and weaknesses (Kiely, et al. 2020). Autistic adults have also shared that learning about their diagnosis and understanding their own neurology has improved self-esteem and self-acceptance, while also decreasing mental health difficulties that are tied into feelings of hopelessness, and lack of understanding why they are different from others. The Autism Handbook for Kids shares information about Autism and common differences seen in Autistic kids in a kid-friendly, easy to understand manner. It shares about brain differences in a factual way with picture support consistent with how the majority of Autistic children best learn.

Are caregivers of your clients in desperate need of tips or guidance for how to talk about Autism with their kids?

In an ideal world, we could spend hours researching and talking with parents about how they can share information about Autism and tips outlining how to have these conversations with kids so that they can have the most positive outcomes. Unfortunately for most therapists and professionals, our time is limited due to large caseloads, increasing paperwork demands, meetings, and direct therapy that takes up the majority of our workweek (and sometimes weekends too!). We know caregivers deserve this support, and The Autism Handbook for Kids covers a wide variety of topics for caregivers to be able to sit down and read and learn about Autism with their kids - in a clear, easy to understand, and positive way!

Do you want to teach kids to understand their brain in a positive way, but aren't sure where to start or how to go about having these conversations?

Having conversations with kids and teens about Autism and Disability can be difficult for many adults and therapists, especially when you do not have a disability or are not confident in your knowledge of up to date terminology. Additionally, Autism is very complex and many of its differences can have nuances that are difficult for adults to understand, and even harder to explain to a child or teen. The Autism Handbook for Kids was written by a Neurodivergent Speech Language Pathologist and multiple Autistic therapists and adults were consulted to ensure this handbook is both inclusive and Neurodiversity-affirming with the most up to date terminology. It also gives step by step information that builds from one page to the next to support your conversations and even answer frequently asked questions so that you can sit down and start reading it together right away!

Have you thought about offering an Autism Self-Advocacy Group to clients, but aren’t sure where to start or how to have conversations about Autism with kids or teens?

It can be really overwhelming to start a new therapy group and try anything new. Therapists know it can take HOURS researching and planning activities that are engaging and beneficial to kids, and there are currently limited resources for self-advocacy support at this time. Did you know that being able to understand your brain and disability has a direct link to how a child is able to self advocate? It’s true! I have used The Autism Handbook for Kids in my Autism Self-Advocacy group for months and the way they have responded has been AMAZING! They find it so interesting learning how their brain works and why they do the things they do, and just watching them talk about Autism in a positive and matter-of-fact way has been so rewarding to see. I truly believe this Handbook will change many lives for the better, and I am so excited to share it with you!

Most Therapists and Professionals...

*Want to support kids so they have improved outcomes for mental health, self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-advocacy in their clients.


*Feel under-equipped to have in-depth discussions and answer caregiver and client questions about Autism, especially in a Neurodiversity positive manner.

*Wish they could support and empower both caregivers and kids to understand Autism and Neurodiversity in a quick and simple way.


*Feel overwhelmed thinking about how much work would go into starting a new Self-Advocacy based group, or sharing information with parents to support their child’s understanding of Autism and self-advocacy skills at home.

As a school-based  Speech Language Pathologist,


I have helped thousands of clinicians and parents reframe the way they think about Autism to see that all people have value regardless of their diagnosis, and I am so excited to add SUPPORTING AUTISTIC KIDS to this list. 


I have condensed all of my knowledge from years of experience, expertise, training, research, and most importantly, listening to Autistic adults, into this Autism Handbook for Kids in kid-friendly, easy-to-read language with visuals and comics, so you can help students and families on your caseload as soon as you click BUY NOW!

Are You Ready To....

>>> Share Autism-Positive information with parents and kids  

>>> End the stigma against Autism

>>> Empower kids with knowledge about Autism and support their mental health by helping them understand their brain and ultimately their ability to self-advocate

>>> Save time organizing information from multiple sources or planning from your self-advocacy group

If you said YES to any above,
The Autism Handbook for Kids is for you!

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