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Talking to parents about an Autism assessment or Autism Diagnosis is HARD.  And add a language barrier to the mix, it can be even more difficult. 


Maybe you are still learning how to be a Neurodiversity positive therapist and are worried you will say something wrong, or in a way that doesn't translate well. 


Maybe you feel anxious having these conversations because you are worried parents will ask a question that you don’t know the answer to.


Maybe you feel guilty that your schedule does not allow you to spend several hours talking directly to the parent- that you know they deserve.


So, maybe you are feeling like you aren’t supporting your families in the way you should, OR are working countless hours after your workday that leaves you feeling like either a bad therapist or guilty for missing family time. But here’s the thing: You are not a bad therapist and you shouldn’t have to work outside of your workday in order to feel successful at work. 


The point is, needing a go-to Autism Handbook to support parents at this time is totally reasonable - and I have them all here and ready for you to print and go! 

Topics Include:

Autism Referral Form: School Age

Autism Referral Form: Preschool

A Letter to Caregivers

What is Autism?

The Autism spectrum


These Characteristics Describe Me

The strengths in Autism

Medical Model vs Social Model of Disability

Reframing Thoughts about Autism

Identity First or Person First Language?

Is Getting an Autism Evaluation Important?

How to Get an Autism Evaluation

Educational Eligibility vs Medical Diagnosis

What to Expect in an Autism Evaluation

Autism Levels

Ideal Age for Evaluation 

I Was Told to Wait to Get an Evaluation 

These Characteristics are Age Appropriate

Why are so Many People Diagnosed Later in Life?


Second Opinions

It Can’t be Autism, Because They Can….

Services Available in the U.S. (Early Intervention and Public Schools)

Common Classroom Accommodations

Common Home Accommodations

Autism Glossary

Therapies to Consider

Considerations for Choosing Therapies 

ABA (What is ABA & Controversy)

Autism and Social Skills



Autism in Girls

Differences in Autism and Other Similar Diagnosis (ADHD, SPD, Language delay)

Should I Tell My Child About Their Diagnosis?

Parent Feelings

Autism FAQ

Speech and Language FAQ

Additional Resources

A Message from Autistic Adults

A Letter to Teachers (From Therapists, From Parent, and Open Ended Form) 


*You will have 30 days to download after your date of purchase so please do not forget!*

Autism Handbook- ENGLISH + SPANISH

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