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Many parents, graduate students, and professionals are in need on an Autism Handbook, but do not have the means to be able to purchase one. Help them access this Handbook by donating a little extra to your cart total. Feel free to add $5 or add extra for however much you would like to sponsor - Adding 8 will cover the cost of a parent Handbook, and 14 will cover the cost of a professional license. 100% of donations will go towards purchasing Handbooks for those in need - and also you will just be known from now on as an AWESOME HUMAN for your support and kind heart! I will donate a full handbook for every two that are purchased by y'all! 


If you are in need of a scholarship, please email Please include if you are a parent or professional, and if you will need a full or partial scholarship. Partial scholarships mean you pay what you are able (you choose!) and the scholarship fund will cover the rest. 


Scholarships will be given out based on a lottery. 

GIFT an Autism Handbook to Someone in Need

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