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Hi, y’all! My name is Andi Putt and I am the pediatric speech-language pathologist behind Mrs Speechie P. In 2017, I started Mrs. Speechie P as a personal blog from a middle of the night idea to help parents support their children at home. While this has morphed into something I never dreamed possible (like a small business!) - my main calling in this endeavor remains to be in supporting families. Autism is an area of interest for me as I specialize in Autism evaluation. Plus Autistic children are my very favorite kids to work with! I am a huge supporter of the Neurodiversity movement and consider myself a disability advocate and am Neurodivergent myself. While I knew I was ADHD from my early 30s, I was finally diagnosed as Autistic and ADHD at the age of 39!

I live in Texas with my husband, son, and bonus sons. We are pretty big homebodies but also love to travel, especially to the beach! I enjoy hanging out in my PJs (hence my PJ pic!), reading, watching movies, and sleeping- I’d love to say I was more interesting before kids, but I was always this way! 


I received my bachelor's degree in Psychology and Child Learning and Development from the University of Texas at Dallas. Right before I graduated, I decided I wanted to be a Speech-Language Pathologist - even though I didn’t fully understand what it was! In December 2008, I received my Master's Degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Texas at Dallas and began working in the school and private practice settings. Since then, I’ve worked with children from 18 months to 21 years of age with a variety of communication needs.

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